350 Suomi edistää tieteeseen ja oikeudenmukaisuuteen perustuvia ratkaisuja ilmastonmuutokseen

University’s investments matter!

Hi university student, alumni or faculty member! It is unconscionable for our universities to profit from investments that will condemn

Fossil Fuel Divestment FAQ

What is divestment? The opposite of investment, divestment simply means getting rid of stocks, bonds or funds that are related

Fossil Free Europe tour

350.org brings its Fossil Free tour to Europe in late October! We will try to organise a live streaming of

Global Power Shift

We attended Phase 1 of Global Power Shift in Istanbul this June 2013. Over 500 climate leaders from 135 countries

350 Finland Founded

Welcome to 350finland.org! We are working together with 350.org and it’s network organisations on building a global grassroots movement to solve