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Help us fight for a coal-free Palawan!

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Fight for a coal-free Palawan!

Known as the Philippines’ last ecological frontier. Palawan, an island-province in Luzon, is showcased because of its rich biodiversity, as well as natural wonders that are threatened by various human activities.

We cannot let a coal plant add to its growing list of threats.

DM Consunji’s plans to construct a 15-megawatt coal-fired power plant that has moved to three different proposed sites because of community opposition since 2013.

Protecting Palawan’s ecosystem is vital not only because it hosts two Unesco World Heritage sites, it is alo one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world.

Numerous studies have already established that the burning of coal is also a leading cause of smog, acid rain, and toxic air pollution that harm both communities and ecosystems.

Carbon emissions from energy production are the largest source of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Moreover, a recent studies also show that 100% renewable energy can deliver lower-cost, reliable power to small islands across Philippines.

Should the construction of this coal plant push through, Palawan would be locked into 20-40 years of coal dependence.

It is our responsibility to stop corporations with poor environmental track records destroy the Philippines’ last ecological frontier.

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