Videos from 2018

Paying It Forward

Typhoon Haiyan survivors from the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities RE-Serve Corps, provided a TekPak assembly workshop to residents of Typhoon Mangkhut impacted community representatives from the province of Cagayan.

1.5 means survival

Following the release of the IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change, report a teach in was conducted among climate groups and networks to understand the implimcations of the report’s findings to their local climate campaigns.

TekPaks on St. Francis Day

Pets took center stage at Malate Catholic Church’s celebration of St. Francis Day, where 350 Pilipinas also set up a photo booth and solar charging station to highlight the role of modular renewable energy technology.

Bataan: Life in Ashes

A short documentary about the life of people living in Limay, Bataan as they try to grapple living beside a coal plant.

Remember, remember the 21st of September

On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of Ferdinand Marcos’ imposition of martial law, 350 Pilipinas, joined the United People’s Action against tyranny, to protest the current regime’s oppressive reign over the Philippines.

Rise For Climate, Justice & Integrity of Creation

Last September 8, 2018 the Philippines took part in one of the 900+ actions in 95 countries. People everywhere rose up to tackle climate change and show our leaders how to build a fossil free world.

#RiseForClimate: Virtual March

People are rising up around the world to demand real climate leadership from all levels of government. The virtual march is our way of showing how people everywhere are committed to a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all.

Season of Creation 2018: Rise for Renewable Energy

Atimonan, Quezon welcomed the start of the Season of Creation with an ecumenical prayer walk against dirty energy, led by Atimonan Catholic Church who are leading the struggle against a proposed coal plant in their community by setting up solar panels to power their church.

Dinosaurs & QR Codes

Garbed in T-Rex costumes, our volunteers went around Manila to call on the public to join the upcoming Rise For Climate actions that will be happening on September.

Rise For Climate: Evolve Beyond Coal

Garbed in t-rex costumes 350 Pilipinas charged three of the largest coal plant operators in the Philippines for their continued peddling of dated fossil fuels like coal.

SONA 2018

350 Pilipinas stood and marched in solidarity with the broad forces that spoke truth to power in the streets, while Duterte delivered his 3rd State of the Nation Address.

#RiseForClimate Manila

On September 8th, we will rise up alongside thousands of others to send a clear message to the politicians who’ve been bought off by industry: take action to stop climate change.

Go Beyond the Hour! Go Fossil-Free!

Climate activists & faith communities converge to observe Earth Hour in Malate Church using Solevolt and TekPak solar power systems to light the celebration with a call to go beyond the hour by going fossil-free.

TekPaks for Climate Action

The Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities through its RE-Charge Pilipinas project recently trained 350 PH volunteers to become Solar Scholars. We assembled our very own TekPak, a portable solar generator that can be used for emergencies and climate action.

EDSA 32: Go Not Gently Into The Night

On the eve of the 32nd anniversary of the People Power Revolution 350 Pilipinas went to EDSA Shrine call on Filipinos to ‘rage’ against injustice and tyranny.

Atimonan: Bearing Witness, Lighting Hope

The proposed Atimonan coal power project is a glaring example of how the Philippines is needlessly and dangerously over-dependent on coal.

2017: A year of resistance

The year started with the rise of movements and regimes that threatened our gains in climate action and clean energy.