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350 Pilipinas recognized by DepEd School Division Office in Nueva Vizcaya following Power Up Event

350 Pilipinas is among the distinguished partners recognized by the DepEd School Division Office in Nueva Vizcaya during the AGAPEd: Stakeholders Convergence for the ADALantados held on February 20, 2024.  The award recognized the joint effort between academic institutions and stakeholders such as civil society organizations to improve the quality of education in the Philippines.

350 Pilipinas’ Efforts in 2023 and Looking Ahead to 2024

This year, we strive to advocate for a just transition in energy and transport systems, contributing to decarbonization efforts in the Philippines, aiming for a sustainable, low-carbon future while broadening outreach efforts to engage new constituencies and stakeholders beyond traditional climate movements.

For the love of people and the planet

Hong’s dedication to climate justice transcends mere duty; it’s a joyful celebration of life itself. She grasps that the road to a sustainable future must be illuminated by happiness, nurtured by solidarity, and guided by unwavering resolve.

Across the Sea

Ara Alejo, one of this year’s Asia Solidarity Lab fellows, shares his experience and insights about the recently concluded ASL Fellowship climate leadership program of Asia