To really challenge the financial industry, we need powerful campaigns. Here’s a set of resources to help you assemble healthy groups, craft powerful actions, and achieve meaningful change.

Action Planning Resources

This power-mapping resource allows you to identify targets and focus your strategy. It is a useful visual tool to help outline your campaigning possibilities. Created by 350 Trainings.
These two resources, one from Beautiful Rising and the other from Beautiful Trouble, offer a list of tactics to stretch your creativity.
This checklist and list of tips from Seeds for Change, can help organisers think through preparing their actions.
Needing some tricks on how to set-up space to make art for actions? This Artivist Guide will tell you how.
This reflection by campaigners following the iconic Ende Gelände action offers insights as to how to organize civil disobedience actions that are accessible and welcoming to all.
This resource compiled by campaigners from Brazil offers suggestions for how to organize bold actions in repressive contexts.

Fossil Finance

This list of organising principles sketches out the values that underpin the Fossil Free movement.
Confused about how to understand fossil fuel finance? This accessible is a great place to start.
Who exactly has control over the financial system? This exploratory power map unpacking the European Investment Bank (EIB) is a useful example.
Do words like campaign strategy and tactics sound scary to you? This beautiful Climate Resistance Handbook by Daniel Hunter can help you take your climate activism to the next level.

Media and Messaging

Find top tips on how to tell stories, train spokespeople, and amplify your work in the press, in this handy guide.
Develop your group's media skills and public reach through this useful set of trainings.
Learn how to give great interviews and get your message across with this guideline.

Digital Campaigning

European Changemakers offers a resource-packed website, filled with tools and case studies to help you enhance your offline actions by taking them online.
This useful resource created by 350's own digital team offers ideas on how to boost mobilisations through digital content and outreach.
This set of videos and top tips about how to cover your action online, will help you ensure people hear about and spread the word about your campaign.

Equity and Climate Justice

This handbook by Guppi Bola and Jannat Hossain offers practical ways for campaigners to reflect on and address issues of power and privilege within organisations.
This visual guide by Earth in Brackets is a useful introduction to climate justice. To better understand the equitable responsibility of states for the climate crisis, see the Civil Society Review, or Climate Fairshares.

Facilitating Meetings and Discussions

This in-depth guide from Seeds for Change explores how to make your meetings more effective and inclusive. A simple method for facilitating great meetings can also be found here.
Struggling with decision-making? This list of tips will make help you navigate difficult choices and impasses.
Inclusive, healthy and democratic processes are the bedrock of strong movements. This great guide by Aorta will help you ‘make meetings awesome for everyone.’

Building Your Group

Involving people in movements is always a challenge. This resource may help you think through how to grow your group by involving different audiences.
All strong groups and movements require a strong base. This great resource by European Changemakers offers tips on how to expand those who support you, and participate in your group.