Videos from 2022

Mobility Night Ride for safe streets and climate action

Mobility advocates and climate activists light up the streets of Quezon City using bike lights, illuminated placards, reflectors and other glowing devices to promote policies and infrastructure which ensure the safety and inclusivity of streets in Metro Manila.

Friends from the Mobility Awards and Pinay Bike Commuter Community talk about how cycling is a clean, healthy, and affordable solution to reduce transportation pollution, to create sustainable communities, and to curb carbon emissions which cause global warming.

Pedal for People and Planet 2022

Last April 24, the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development coordinated biking events in 9 Asian countries call for bold action on climate change. We joined the Manila ride and called for sustainable transportation and inclusive mobility as important actions that need are needed for energy transition in the country.

ADB Asia Clean Energy Forum 2022

Climate activists from 350 Pilipinas joined clean energy advocates at the Asian Development Bank headquarters to call on the Asia Clean Energy Forum participants to lead the energy transition to power low-carbon development in Asia, by ensuring a total departure from fossil-fuel financing and other dirty energy solutions like waste-to-energy and nuclear.

Call for Climate Action at SMBC Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

In time for SMBC Group’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, our volunteers decided to shed light on the need for the leadership of SMBC to act according to the science of climate change by ending all financing to fossil-fuel projects in Japan and overseas.

Hologram Projection – Call for climate action

Climate advocates call on presidential candidates to prioritize climate change on their electoral agendas as the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its newest report on climate impacts that highlights the need for global efforts to act with greater urgency and ambition on climate change.

March for climate leadership

On March 25th, Filipino climate advocates, once again took to the streets to call for climte leadership.