Our values

To achieve the success in our work that the world requires, we believe our work has to stand on values that support our long-term strategy while modeling the world we are working towards.


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We are Strategic

Our work is grounded in the change we want to see, and how we can best contribute to the larger movement, while being nimble and responsive to changing realities.

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We are Bold

The climate crisis is immense – we must be daring and courageous in response. We are bold enough to take risks in our work. We are bold enough to name our failures and what we learn from them, to help us be more strategic in the future.

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We are Creative

We embrace new experiments, recognizing that this crisis requires new ways of solving problems.

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We Center Justice in our Work

Climate change is unjust – the work we do, and the ways we do it, reflect that understanding and our efforts to address this injustice.

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We are Accountable

We are accountable to each other, our members, and to those impacted by our work, and honor the relationships we build along the way.

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We Care for One Another

We take care of ourselves and our communities, honor one another in our non-violent approach to this work, and share that spirit and learning with others.

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We Listen

We do not have all the answers – we listen to our communities and our allies to learn and evolve together, and we amplify voices that have been historically marginalized.

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We are Transparent

To ensure the integrity of our work, we will be transparent and share knowledge, while respecting people’s right to privacy and taking into consideration concerns around security.