Videos from 2019

Filipino youth hold lantern parade as part of Global Climate Strike

Students are leading thousands across the Philippines in week-long climate youth strikes which kicked off today, joining millions across the world.

Mga Alas Ng Bayan: Women, History and Heroism

Together with the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities and the Constantino Foundation, 350 Pilipinas launched Mga Alas Ng Bayan, an art exhibit featuring the paintings of five Filipina heroines who resisted national oppression, social injustice, and false gender narratives across different junctures of Philippine history.

Climate Strike UP Diliman College of Science

Students are leading thousands across the Philippines in week-long climate youth strikes which kicked off today, joining millions across the world.

Global Climate Strike in the Philippines

From Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao the Filipino you strikers across our archipelago took to the streets in a vibrant array of actions to demand climate justice. But it doesn’t stop there!

Bataan, Philippines: Gearing up for Climate Strike

“We don’t need coal plants. We don’t want coal.”

Watch this video of Jhewoung Capatoy, a climate strike youth organizer from Bataan, Philippines and his invitation for everyone to join the Global Climate Strikes this September 20-27.

Asian Climate Leadership Camp 2019

At #ACLC2019 we bore witness to the adverse impacts of dirty energy development to the health and environment of the people of Bataan, giving us the imperative to not only act but act with haste and perseverance for climate justice.

State of the Nation (SONA) 2019, Philippines

At the United Peoples SONA, we went around the mobilization to ask people what they think is the real state of the nation.

Pokemons call for an end to Japan’s coal financing

If Japan wants to become a climate leader, then its government must end its coal financing and ramp up its investments in renewable energy.

Youth Strike for Climate Philippines

Students and other youth advocates across the Philippines joined the global youth climate strike to demand urgent and ambitious action on climate change.

Join us on May 24!

We are striking on Friday to tell our politicians to take our future seriously and to treat climate change for what it is – a crisis.

No Jobs on a Dead Planet!

We joined the Labor Day march because we believe that climate change is not just an environmental issue, or a social justice issue, or an economic issue — it’s all of those things at once. The only way to act is by working together.

Switch on a Fossil Free Future Pilipinas, light up solar-powered LED banners at Malate Catholic Church calling for sustained climate action as part of the annual Earth Hour celebration, which joins millions around the world in switching off their lights to spread awareness about sustainability and climate change.

A Coal-Free Negros is Possible!

The youth of Negros are carrying on the province’s tradition of building community resistance against coal.

Quezon: Go Beyond Coal

Clean energy advocates from the Diocese of Lucena’s Ecology Ministry, Tanggol Kalikasan Inc., 350 Pilipinas, the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice and community representatives from Sariyaya and Pagbilao, Quezon voice their concern for the Quezon Provincial Board’s unquestioning support for San Miguel Corporation’s proposed coal power projects.

2018: Together we are stronger

People are the heart of the climate movement. Today we celebrate the power of people as we look back at the work we did in 2018 as we stood in solidarity with communities in their fight for climate justice and for a fossil-free future.