Partners & allies

We work with international organizations and local grassroots communities that are responding to the climate crisis.

A grassroots global movement working to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis.

AGHAM: Advocates of Science and Technology for the People

An organization of pro-people science and technology advocates, bounded together by a common interest of promoting science and technology that genuinely serve the interest of the Filipino people, especially the poor.

Agham Youth

Agham Youth recognizes that only by linking our struggle for the development of science and technology with the struggles of the broad masses of the people can our goals be achieved, making science and technology serve the people.


Activist educators and facilitators passionate about activist learning.

Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development

A regional alliance of peoples’ movements, community organizations, coalitions, NGOs and networks that works for the transformation of national and international economic and financial relations, structures and system.

#Break Free From Plastic

A global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution.

Center for Environmental Concerns

A non-profit organization that advocates for people-oriented, patriotic, sustainable, and scientific policies and programs for the protection of the Philippine environment.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines

A community of Pinoy Climate Reality Leaders innovating to find solutions to the climate crisis towards a transformed Philippines.

Community Legal Help and Public Interest Centre

Lawyers and advocates for human rights and the environment.

Constantino Foundation

The Constantino Foundation is dedicated to advancing the idea of a usable history, where lessons from the past become active elements of the present.

CRC Coalition


A Philippine-based alliance of local and international NGOs which monitors the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Etniko Bandido Infoshop & Activity Center

An anarchist/autonomous space created to spread radical consciousness.

Global Catholic Climate Movement Pilipinas

The Philippine branch of the global, grass-roots movement of Catholics committed to living the message of Laudato Si’: On the Care of Our Common Home.

Greenpeace Philippines

An independent global campaigning organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace.

Healthcare Without Harm

Working to transform the health care sector worldwide without compromising patient safety or care.

Institute for Climate & Sustainable Cities

A nonprofit organization working on sustainable energy solutions and fair climate policy.

John Dewey School for Children

A caring school community which aims to provide a nurturing environment for children to be socially and academically competent, happy life-long learners committed to serving the Filipino and global community.

Kalikasan Peoples Networks for the Environment

A network of people’s organizations, nongovernmental organizations and environmental advocates that aims to address environmental problems in such a way that primacy is given to the people—especially in the grassroots level—who constitute the overwhelming majority of the population. All environmental causes shall thus have the people’s interest at their core.


A non-profit volunteer organization of young social advocates from various fields of communication arts, new media and information technologies.

Lilok Foundation Incorporated

A faith-based, non-profit and non-government organization that seeks to serve urban poor leaders, to facilitate their learning, and to empower them toward servant leadership by means of modeling, transformative education and mentoring programs.

March for Climate Justice Pilipinas

A convergence of movements and organizations from different sectors of society gathered together by the common appeal for urgent climate action.

MNL Moves

A collective of people that wants Metro Manila to move by walking and riding a bicycle more often and in more places.

Mobility Awards

A platform that recognizes acts of leadership by Philippine local governments, workplaces, and establishments promoting active mobility among their constituencies, customers, employees, and communities.


A women-led, Asia-based international consultancy focused on laws and policies related to climate change, the environment, and sustainable development.

Penuel School of Theology

A learning environment where students and teachers struggle with God to become workers for the gospel: skilled, servant, integrative, and advocates of justice and peace.

Philippines Against Dirty Energy Resources

A church-led initiative aimed at mobilizing the religious faithful in coal-impacted and threatened communities to act against dirty energy development.

Philippine Misreor Partnership Incorporated

A network of around 300 civil society organizations in the Philippines who are engaged in various initiatives, interventions and advocacies on social development issues.

Philippine Movement for Climate Justice

A broad movement of 103 national networks/alliances and local organizations representing basic sectors in the Philippines that aims to lead the joint struggles, campaigns and actions in putting forward the climate justice framework as a fundamental element of solving the climate crisis.

Piglas Pilipinas!

The nationwide campaign for the Philippines to break free from fossil fuels.

Safehouse Infoshop

An autonomous space inside the University of the Philippines, Diliman where anarchists share books, zines and ideas.

Tara Climate Foundation

A regionally-led philanthropic foundation with a vision of a just and thriving society in Asia powered by renewable energy.

UP Saribuhay

A university-based, socio-civic, environment-oriented organization in the University of the Philippines, believes that the Filipino youth has an important and crucial role to fulfill in nation building and has the capacity to advance genuine social change and progress.

Urban Movement Innovation Fund

An innovation fund that connects, aligns and strengthens people power for a zero carbon future.

Young Bataeños Environmental Advocacy Network

A youth environmental organization based in Bataan, that promotes pro-environmental development and influences the youth to be aware and take action to save and conserve.

Youth Advocates for Climate Action in the Philippines

An alliance of youth orgs, individuals, and student formations that advocates for immediate global climate action led by the youth.

Youth For Climate Hope

A youth movement that aims to unite and inspire Negros’ youth to climate action.