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There is a lot to be done in the fight for a fossil-free world and help is always welcome.


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Who are 350 volunteers?

Volunteers at the United Peoples’ SONA. Photo: AC Dimatatac

350 volunteers are individuals who share our concern for the climate crisis. Volunteers are expected to :

  • Participate in 350 activities
  • Carry out specific tasks that each individual agrees to render as part of their involvement with 350’s work

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion

Waving the rainbow flag at the Metro Manila Pride March.
Photo: AC Dimatatac

The is an equilibrium that we constantly cultivate in our collective journey as activists working together.

Diversity – Voices of people of all backgrounds (race, class, gender, age, etc) are heard as much as possible in decision making.

Equity – Ensuring that power relations are in pursuit of what is mutually beneficial for all and that decisions are centered towards the common good.

Inclusion – We welcome everyone from all backgrounds without imposing qualifiers to their identity for them to be accepted in the collective.

Organizing principles

Volunteers at a solar Tekpak assembly workshop.
Photo: AC Dimatatac

Shared interest/values – We organize individuals who share our concern for climate action grounded on our values. This provides guidance for our strategic decision-making and functions as our ethical compass for organizational action.

Consent/consensus decision making – We believe that our work must be based on the voluntary agreement of individuals to act as part of the entire collective who likewise are in common agreement with our goals, process and expected outcomes.

Duty of care – As a collective we are accountable for the well-being of one another that is why we commonly adhere to a standard of reasonable care like for individual volunteers who are involved in our activities.

Co-creation – Work that produces the best output comes from work done in collaboration within the collective. We believe that each individual has a unique contribution in 350’s efforts, that is why we encourage individual inputs and contributions in designing, developing and executing our actions and activities.

Collective assessment – A regular, conscious and collective effort to harvest learnings from the work that we do is key to becoming better at our advocacy. We follow a cycle of theory, action and reflection that helps us analyze our efforts in order to improve our ideas.

Accountability to the movement – We see ourselves as parts and participants to the broader climate movement, hence we open ourselves to the inputs and critique of other organizations in the movement.


Pre-action briefing for volunteers.Photo: Leo Sabangan II

Our guide for decision making as a collective to ensure equitable participation and consensus when arriving at plans of action.

  1. Decisions must be product of discourse within the collective.
  2. Voices of those present during meetings matter more than those who aren’t present.
  3. Insights from those who cast lots or assume personal responsibility for particular tasks carry more weight in decision making.
  4. Discussions and decisions should be documented and shared with the bigger group.