Our core mission is to keep fossil fuels in the ground and transition to an equitable, low-carbon future. We work to advance strong climate policy at local, state, and federal levels; promote divestment from fossil fuels; support renewable infrastructure; oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure; and foster climate-related conversations, art, and community engagement.

Legislative work 

We meet regularly with state representatives, and coordinate activities with a statewide network of climate activists. Let us know if you’re interested: [email protected]

Local priorities

At the local level, we advocate for implementing a set of policies that can be found here. What that comes down to locally is starting to transition our community to cut greenhouse gases from our lives, our homes, and our jobs. What will that look like? New housing will be built with less sprawl. Houses and buildings will be powered by renewable electricity, not natural gas. Charging Electric Vehicles will be cheap and easy with chargers at every home and parking lot. People will live closer to their jobs, and have more opportunities to bike, walk, or take a bus to work. 

350 Humboldt is active in bringing those changes to Humboldt’s communities. We’re working on the county’s Climate Action Plan, seeking changes in the proposed McKay Ranch development outside Eureka, and promoting local ordinances eliminating natural gas from new houses and buildings. We’d love to have your help in these exciting endeavors! Let us know if you’re interested: [email protected].


Every Sunday at 7 pm, 350 Humboldt hosts a letter-writing party. People chat while writing letters about climate issues or getting out the vote for climate champions. Each week some suggestions are provided but people can write to whom they wish. The group is fun and helps us regularly spend an hour on personally influencing the future we want. Between May 17 2020 and September 19, 2021 we have sent 8,480 letters to voters or political office holders.  More info on how to join in here.


We support divestment from fossil fuels by pension funds, financial investors like JP Morgan Chase, and insurance companies. We created four videos for Earth Day 2020 that support these goals (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq6faIDNhos&t=10s). This past year we have held a few rallies/demonstrations to demand that banks divest from fossil fuels and to defund the Line 3 Pipeline. We have written about divestment in our weekly letter writing party (Sundays at 7 pm), and we support legislative efforts to create transparency regarding fossil fuel investments. 

Support for renewable energy 

Development of a local wind energy project off the Humboldt coast is an exciting possibility. Our offshore waters are known to have enormous renewable energy potential. We are working with State Sen. Mike McGuire, Rep. Jared Huffman, and other decision makers to support consideration of this project and ensure the thorough environmental review that will be needed for stakeholder support. If you would like to join in this precedent-setting work, contact 350 Humboldt’s Legislative Committee at [email protected].

Speaker series 

Every two to three months, 350 Humboldt brings a compelling speaker to address a range of topics related to climate change activism (link to speaker videos on youtube). Let us know if there’s a speaker you’d like us to host! You can also volunteer to help promote and organize presentations: [email protected].

Art and community 

350 Humboldt continues to find ways to collaborate with various organizations at a local to national level to create more solidarity within our community. In 2020 we participated in the Stop the Money Pipeline campaign; promoted our Climate Pledge in the Humboldt County Candidate Forums; and participated in the Protect the Results Rally after election day. Last February we participated in the Artists Dismantling Capitalism art exhibit, in November during COP26 we participated and held a COP26 Global Day Of Action For Climate Justice rally. Currently, we are promoting a Just Recovery from COVID-19. The principles can be found here: https://350.org/just-recovery/. Email us if you have ideas or interest in helping.

We also foster solidarity within our climate-minded community through our book club. Here is more information about our book club; for any questions email us at: [email protected].