How to Get Involved

350 Humboldt is an all-volunteer, grassroots affiliate of There is no fee or requirement for joining aside from upholding the values of our parent organization, 

Members can participate in 350 Humboldt at any level of commitment that suits their interests and time constraints. 

You can help in many ways:


Digital members read our monthly News Flashes and action alerts for quick, easy ways to take action. For those who are new to climate activism or have limited time, a digital membership allows you to build your climate knowledge or make your voice heard via petitions, comments, and emails to decision makers. Anyone is also welcome to attend our monthly general meetings (see the Calendar on the website).

Attending Our Meetings

Any person who has attended more than two general meetings in the previous six months can participate in decisions made at general meetings of 350 Humboldt if they choose. Members decide on group goals and campaigns, and can propose goals and campaigns to the steering committee. Any member can also join committees and help implement campaigns and actions. 

Joining on a Project or Committee 

Core members get deeper into the nuts and bolts work of 350 Humboldt. . This work can be as simple as  contacting representatives as part of our Sunday letter-writing group, or it can be developing a campaign and leading other volunteers.  Possible roles for core members include: 

  • creating or editing our monthly News Flash, 
  • assisting in fundraising,
  • editing or adding content to our website,  
  • helping organize our speaker series,  
  • outreach to the community, 
  • conducting outreach to other community organizations, 
  • engaging with our social media accounts, and
  • leading or participating in committees, including: 
    • the local policy group  
    • the state/federal legislative group
    • the book club
    • the art group 

Core members who have a demonstrated commitment to 350 Humboldt and our principles can join our steering committee. Steering committee members guide the group’s broader goals and vision. They facilitate monthly general meetings, form committees, and approve campaigns. Steering committee members approve statements that are made on behalf of the group to other organizations, representatives, and the media. 

Steering committee members perform the following:  

  • Respond to urgent emails 
  • Promote/design/implement campaigns 
  • Guide broader policy vision 
  • Track funds (treasurer)
  • Picks up mail from post box 
  • Engage with volunteers 
  • Conduct outreach 
  • Develop  content for social media
  • Communicate with and other groups 
  • Seek coalitions 
  • Guide discussion of organizational goals (tax-exempt status, etc.) 
  • Respond to [email protected] emails
  • Send out action alerts from partners 
  • Take notes for general meeting
  • Create agendas for general meeting; notes for steering committee  meeting; and agendas for steering committee meeting 
  • Share rotating lead as facilitator of the monthly general meetings
  • And steering committee members are also members of  or chair our committees

The steering committee usually has 4-5 members. 

We are grateful to all of our members, no matter the amount of time you can give!