Tell the California Senate to Protect Communities and Support AB345

It’s time for California to stop drilling for fossil fuels at the expense of public health.

Right now, there’s a bill that just passed the State Assembly and is under consideration in the Senate that would protect Californians from the hazards of oil and gas drilling.

AB 345 would require the agency that regulates oil drilling to consider a setback for oil and gas operations to protect people who live, play, work, or go to school nearby – primarily communities of color.

Will you send a message to the nine state senators on the Natural Resources & Water Committee right now urging them to vote YES on AB 345 so we have the strongest chance possible of getting it passed?


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AB 345 is scheduled for a hearing in the Natural Resources and Water Committee this month, perhaps as early as July 16. That’s why we need to get signatures and comments into the committee TODAY. If the bill passes this committee, it will move on to Appropriations Committee and then a full vote on the Senate floor.

More than 5 million Californians live near oil and gas drilling sites where toxic, health-threatening air pollutants are emitted. We know that proximity to oil and gas wells cause a host of health impacts including asthma and other respiratory ailments. Now, new research shows that those who live in heavily polluted areas have a higher risk of severe complications from COVID-19.

The oil industry is fighting to stop this bill, but we have a strong chance to get it through if you contact these key nine state senators. Click here to send a message and urge a YES vote on AB 345.

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