Book Club

350 Humboldt Book Club invites everyone to attend. We meet regularly on the fourth Monday of each month at 7 pm.  To find out what we are currently reading click here.


Sunday Evening Zoom Activism: Write a Letter!

Write letters to influence policy on your own or you can join 350 Humboldt members every week at 7pm Sunday at this link:


COP26 Global Day of Action for Climate Justice, 11/6/21

Thanks to Dana Utman for taking these photos and to Bandemonium for playing at the rally!


Speaker Series

Climate Change Presentations

Audio or video for four Zoom presentations,
The Health Benefits of Climate Action: They’re bigger than you think (October 4, 2021)
Exploring Renewable Energy Futures in Humboldt County (August 9, 2021);
Humboldt Bay on the Threshold of Change (June 7, 2021);
Electric cars could help save the world! But where will we charge them? (April 5, 2021) 
Olam & Tikun Nefesh: Restoring the World and Restoring the Soul (February 2, 2021);
Stakeholder Perceptions of Offshore Wind Energy in Humboldt County (October 5, 2020);
Building Citizen Engagement with Climate Change (August 10, 2020); and
Chill Out from Climate Anxiety (June 2, 2020)
can be found here:  Archived Presentations