Book Club

350 Humboldt Book Club invites everyone to attend. We meet regularly on the fourth Monday of each month at 7 pm.  To find out what we are currently reading click here.


Sunday Evening Zoom Activism: Write a Letter!

Write letters to influence policy on your own or you can join 350 Humboldt members every week at 7pm Sunday at this link:


Speaker Series

Climate Change Presentations

Audio or video for four Zoom presentations,
Humboldt Bay on the Threshold of Change (June 7, 2021);
Olam & Tikun Nefesh: Restoring the World and Restoring the Soul (February 2, 2021);
Stakeholder Perceptions of Offshore Wind Energy in Humboldt County (October 5, 2020);
Building Citizen Engagement with Climate Change (August 10, 2020); and
Chill Out from Climate Anxiety (June 2, 2020)
can be found here:  Archived Presentations