Land Acknowledgement 

350 Humboldt would like to acknowledge that where we live and hold our meetings in Humboldt County is on unceded territory and the ancestral homeland of indigenous nations which include Tolowa, Hupa, Karuk, Mattole, Wailaki, Wiyot, and Yurok. 

We thank indigenous nations who have been caretakers of the land. Additionally, we recognize that the well-being of all people is bound up with that of indigenous peoples, and we must all take action on the climate.  

This acknowledgement compels us to take actions such as supporting the Anishinaabe peoples to resist the Line 3 Pipeline that is currently carrying tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin. We encourage you to sign this link to add your name to the petition to President-elect Biden to stop Line 3 immediately.

*For more information on Land Acknowledgements we recommend watching Dr. Cutcha Risling Baldy’s presentation   on What Good is a Land Acknowledgement.