Read about 350 Humboldt’s efforts to campaign against climate change!

October 2020 News Flash!  The stakes are high this November. Eminent climate scientist Michael Mann says a Trump victory would be “game over” for the climate. That’s why this News Flash begins with what we can do in the final weeks before the November 3 election.



September 2020 News Flash!  Read some hopeful news about how Humboldt County planners on Vehicle Miles Traveled, and how Caltrans has earmarked $100 million away from road projects and toward safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists.



August 2020 News Flash!  We want to give you a flash of some local news happening right now on climate action — and invite you to join other climate activists in helping make the news.



July 2020 News Flash!  You can’t be a climate activist and not be aware of the drum beat of challenging news about our rapidly changing climate (see this) and how it impacts people — particularly the poorest, youngest, and most vulnerable. But this News Flash will focus on some good news we’ve noticed lately, of which there’s been quite a bit.


June 2020 News Flash!  This News Flash comes as America faces protests in response to a murderous racism directed at African-American and other non-white people. The video of a police officer with his knee on a dying man’s neck betrayed the lack of conscience among many of those who hold power over people of color.


  May 2020 News Flash!   At our next Zoom meeting we’ll discuss our involvement in getting out climate voters in November, and the campaign to stop the Jordan Cove gas pipeline in southern Oregon. Another topic is the Just Recovery campaign. You might think of this as the Green New Deal, updated to Covid-19. A huge financial boost is needed nationally to support the unemployed as well as essential workers. We need to ensure that boost is both socially and climate friendly. 350 Humboldt has signed onto this campaign (see the Just Recovery website, here).


Earth Day 2020 News Flash!   With Earth Day coming up a week from today, we want to keep you up to date on climate change news and opportunities for your activism, even as we shelter in place. First, about this coming Earth Day. It’s a big deal — fifty years since environmentalists pushed protecting the environment under President Nixon’s nose.


News Flash for Social Distancing Times! We hope you’re staying healthy and adapting to the strange reality of social distancing. Since we can’t meet, we’re trying to keep in touch with this News Flash. Coronavirus news can get old, so here are a few things you might find different and worthwhile. Believe it or not, good things still happen in a pandemic: Satellite images show sharp declines in nitrous oxides which generally rise and fall with carbon emissions.


March 2020 News Flash!  350 Humboldt’s March 19 General Meeting is cancelled to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus. We thank Donna Luckey for offering to talk about Project Drawdown at the meeting and hope we can reschedule her for a future General Meeting.


February 2020 News Flash!  This month’s News Flash highlights two important issues we’ll discuss at 350 Humboldt’s General Meeting on Thursday, February 20, 6 PM at El Chipotle restaurant at 850 Crescent Way in Arcata.

One is our participation in the national campaign to stem the tide of investment in fossil fuels by the wealthy. The other is the effort to bring climate-friendly buildings to Arcata — a city that’s already declared a climate emergency but appears stalled in responding to it.


  January 2020 News Flash!  The denial of Terra-Gen’s proposed wind project means we won’t have a large renewable energy project in Humboldt for five or more years. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find other ways to reduce our county’s carbon footprint. What those ways might be, and how 350 Humboldt can help push them forward, will be the focus of our General Meeting this Thursday, January 16, 6 PM at El Chipotle restaurant, 850 Crescent Way in Arcata.


November 2019 News Flash! With many dark households driven to buy diesel generators during the recent power shutoffs, a low-carbon “Island Humboldt” seems an obvious winner. At this month’s general meeting we’ll hear about the campaign to steer Arcata away from natural gas in new buildings.


October 2019 News Flash!  Come to our 350 general meeting this Thursday, October 17, 6 PM at El Chipotle restaurant, 850 Crescent Way in Sunnybrae, to hear about biomass in Humboldt, and have an opportunity to register our opinion with Gov. Gavin Newsom on steps the state should take to reach its climate goals.


September 2019 News Flash!Three items you’ll want to hear about are: This Friday’s International Climate Strike and local rallies; Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) planning our energy future; and 350 Humboldt’s campaign to kick the natural gas habit.


August 2019 News Flash! To get a preview of the local biomass controversy, we invite you to look at two papers written by local 350 volunteers.



  July 2019 News Flash! The Redwood Coast Energy Authority gave a big boost for local renewable energy when it voted on June 27 to seek a power contract with Terra-Gen, as well as with two other renewable electricity producers in Fresno and Shasta counties.


 June 2019 News Flash! You can lend your voice on Humboldt County’s plan to reduce climate change by joining a meeting on the Climate Action Plan, led by Civic Spark Climate Fellow Connor McGuigan.



 May 2019 News Flash! Terra-Gen’s proposed wind farm would be the largest renewable energy development in Humboldt. It could displace the CO2 produced by 80,000 cars! But like any development, it’s sure to cause some harm to the environment.


April 2019 News Flash! We’ve worked for many months to convince the Redwood Coast Energy Authority to go to all-renewable electricity by 2025 — and on March 28 the RCEA board supported that goal in a unanimous vote!