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We are concerned citizens working to build the climate movement in Rhode Island. An affiliate of, we’re fighting for 100% renewable energy, a clean and sustainable earth, and environmental justice for all. Join us!

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The TCI Opportunity for Rhode Island

On April 7, Hank Webster spoke to CARI about “The TCI Opportunity for Rhode Island.”

If you missed it, you can review his slide deck and watch the video of his presentation, below:

CARI’s Endorsed RI Legislation, 2021

With a change of leadership in the House of Representatives and a new wave of progressive lawmakers in the Senate, the opportunity to pass serious climate laws in Rhode Island is better this year than in a very long time. …

An Open Letter to JPMorganChase CEO Jamie Dimon: Stop Line 3

To:  James Dimon
CEO, JPMorgan Chase

From: Climate Action Rhode Island
March 15, 2021

Dear Mr. Dimon:

Members of Climate Action Rhode Island (CARI) call upon Chase Bank to cancel its financing of Enbridge, the company building the Line 3

Act On Climate 2021: House Hearing Friday Feb. 26

Three weeks ago, CARI activists came through with over 450 letters of support for S. 78, “Act On Climate 2021.” The Senate hearing was a rousing success!

Now it’s time to shock and awe the House of Representatives before the …

Act On Climate 2021: Senate Hearing Wednesday Feb. 3

After seven long years of ignoring the climate crisis, the Rhode Island General Assembly is finally poised to take climate action!

A new bill, “Act On Climate,” would commit the state to slash greenhouse gas emissions through a fast, just, …

Jan. 26 Panel Presentation: Key RI Climate Bills for 2021

Join us on Zoom from 7:00–8:30pm on the evening of Tuesday, January 26 to hear from a panel of Rhode Island climate policy experts on what key climate bills are expected to be introduced at the State House this session. …

CARI’s 2020 General Election Endorsements

The eight regional teams of CARI’s Political and Legislative Mobilization group have interviewed candidates across Rhode Island, and are proud to announce the following additional endorsements for the November 2020 general election:

For President and Vice-President of the United States

Endorsement: Lauren Carson for House District 75 (Newport)

Climate Action Rhode Island enthusiastically endorses Lauren Carson for a fourth term as the State Representative for District 75 (Newport). Representative Carson has built a career fighting for environmental causes. She served as the New Jersey State Director of Clean

Endorsement: Jack Lyle for House District 46 (Lincoln / Pawtucket)

CARI endorses Representative Jack Lyle (Independent), the incumbent representative in RI House District 46. Seeking his second term to represent his Lincoln and Pawtucket district, he faces a Democratic and a Republican challenger in the November general election. Representative Lyle

Endorsement: Brandon Potter for House District 16 (Cranston)

CARI’s West Bay Politics Team is delighted to endorse Brandon Potter for State Representative. Brandon clearly sees the importance of addressing climate change, and additionally has a savvy understanding of how climate action can be linked to economic growth. When

A Green Wave

CARI’s Political Team is celebrating the primary victories of fully 13 of our 18 endorsed candidates — including CARI’s own former President Kendra Anderson! It’s a Green Wave!

Congratulations to these victorious climate champions:

Rhode Island House of Representatives:

CARI’s 2020 Primary Endorsements

Over the past four months, despite the pandemic, CARI’s Political and Legislative Mobilization group has grown, organized, and divided itself into eight regional teams spanning the state of Rhode Island. Each team has taken on the responsibility of researching and …

Endorsement: Leonela Felix for House District 61 (Pawtucket)

CARI is proud to endorse Leonela Felix, an attorney and long-time Pawtucket resident, for State Representative in District 61 (Pawtucket). Leonela is passionate about fighting the intersecting battles for climate justice, racial justice, and economic justice. She is determined to …

Endorsement: Jeanine Calkin for Senate District 30

Endorsed Candidate: Jeanine Calkin
Candidate for: State Senate, District 30 (Warwick)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – West Bay region


CARI is delighted to again endorse Jeanine Calkin for election to her formerly held Senate seat in District 30

Endorsement: Brianna Henries for House District 64 (E. Providence)

Endorsed Candidate: Brianna Henries
Candidate for: House District 64 (E. Providence)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – East Bay region

Briana Henries, a political newcomer and member of the Rhode Island Political Cooperative, is challenging the Democratic incumbent in House …

Endorsement: Mel DuPont for Senate District 22 (Smithfield/Johnston/N. Providence)

Endorsed Candidate: Melanie DuPont
Candidate for: State Senate, District 22 (Smithfield/Johnston/ N. Providence)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Blackstone region

CARI enthusiastically endorses Melanie DuPont for State Senate District 22 (Smithfield). As an experienced activist who has advocated for …

Endorsement: Terri Cortvriend for House District 72 (Middletown/Portsmouth)

Endorsed Candidate: Rep. Terri Cortvriend
Candidate for: House District 72 (Middletown, Portsmouth)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Newport region

Climate Action Rhode Island ( is pleased to again endorse our friend and climate champion Rep. Terri Cortvriend for re-election …

Endorsement: Deb Ruggiero for House District 74 (Jamestown/Middletown)

Endorsed Candidate: Rep. Deb Ruggiero
Candidate for: House District 74 (Jamestown/Middletown)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Newport region

Climate Action Rhode Island is delighted to endorse Rep. Deb Ruggiero for re-election in the Sept. 8 Primary and Nov. 3 …

Endorsement: Miguel Torres for House District 38 (Westerly/Hopkinton)

Endorsed Candidate: Miguel Torres
Candidate for: House District 38 (Westerly/Hopkinton)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – South County region

CARI is pleased to endorse climate champion Miguel Torres, who is challenging longtime incumbent Brian Patrick Kennedy for District 38 State …

Endorsement: Melinda Lopez for House District 43 (Johnston)

Endorsed Candidate: Melinda Lopez
Candidate for: House, District 43 (Johnston)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Providence/N. Providence region

CARI is delighted to endorse Melinda Lopez for District 43 State Representative. Melinda has been an educator since 1994. She has …

Endorsement: David Morales for House District 7 (Providence)

Endorsed Candidate: David Morales
District: House D7 (Elmhurst, Mount Pleasant and Valley)
CARI Team: “Woo” team (N. Providence/Providence/Johnston)

CARI is excited to endorse challenger David Morales in RI House district 7. David is a brilliant, energetic, hard-working progressive activist and …

Endorsement: Sam Bell for Senate District 5 (Providence)

Endorsed Candidate: Sam Bell
Candidate for: State Senate, District 5 (Providence)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Providence/N. Providence region

CARI is pleased to again endorse incumbent Senator Sam Bell for re-election in Senate District 5. Sam is a geological …

Endorsement: Lenny Cioe for Senate District 4 (N. Providence / Providence)

Endorsed Candidate: Leonardo (Lenny) Cioe
Candidate for: State Senate, District 4 (North Providence, Providence)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Providence/N. Providence region

CARI is happy to endorse Leonardo (Lenny) Cioe. Lenny is a career nurse who has been working …

Endorsement: Meghan Kallman for Senate District 15 (Pawtucket / N. Providence)

Endorsed Candidate: Meghan Kallman
Candidate for: State Senate, District 15 (Pawtucket / N. Providence)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – Pawtucket region

CARI enthusiastically endorses Meghan Kallman for State Senate District 15 (Pawtucket). Meghan identifies climate, economic justice, and housing …

Endorsement: Kendra Anderson for Senate District 31 (Warwick / Cranston)

Endorsed Candidate: Kendra Anderson
Candidate for: State Senate, District 31 (Warwick / Cranston)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – West Bay region

CARI could not be more excited to endorse Kendra Anderson—one of our organization’s founding members in 2017 and …

Statement of Solidarity: Black Lives Matter

From the Leadership Team of Climate Action Rhode Island / 350 RI


Since May 25, the day when George Floyd was brutally murdered by police, people across the United States and abroad have come out in huge numbers to

Plastics Pollution: Impacts on Climate and Communities

Although we’d certainly rather be meeting in person, our first pandemic-era online community meeting went great, and has the benefit of automatically recording the presentation.

For anyone who missed it, please do yourself a favor and watch Kevin Budris’ concise, …

A Fun Earth Day Action You Can Take From Home

Calling all Rhode Islanders for a fun, easy Earth Day project!

Since we can’t gather for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’re asking everyone instead to submit a photo of themselves holding a hand-written Earth Day message. We …

Die-In at Chase Bank in Providence

As part of a nationwide series of protests against Chase Bank’s reckless investment in fossil fuels, Climate Action RI disrupted the Chase Bank branch on Thayer Street last Friday.

Ten activists occupied the branch for over 25 minutes, lying down …

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