Is the human species a failed experiment? If the trajectory of global climate change remains unaltered by the (very short-term) future, it seems inescapable that the answer is yes.

If These Shadows Remain Unaltered…

This column is heavy. It’s going to make you uncomfortable. If I had read it 10 years ago, or maybe even 6 months ago, it would have made me uncomfortable…But now, it’s my constant, waking truth. It is the objective truth. And so it has to be your truth, too. Please read on.

Climate Action RI 2018 General Election Endorsements

CARI has endorsed 13 climate champions from around Rhode Island for State House seats. To step up the fight against climate change in the Ocean State, please support their campaigns and help them to victory on November 6!

Climate Action RI 2018 Primary Endorsements

In the Wednesday September 12 Democratic primary election, CARI has endorsed Matt Brown for Governor, Aaron Regunberg for Lt. Governor, and 7 fantastic climate champions from around the state for State House seats.

Climate Action RI Endorses Matt Brown for Governor

“Matt Brown tells the full truth about the reality of the climate crisis. Along with his willingness to speak directly and openly about systemic racism and our broken economic system, Brown does not water down how urgent and serious the climate crisis is. This is the kind of honest and courageous public leadership we need in Rhode Island and beyond.”

Climate Action Report: Volume 1, Issue 1

Welcome to CARI’s biweekly newsletter! Here you will find summaries and resources for RI events, actions, and legislative updates. Connections will be made to the broader movement with links to further reading. Please contribute your information by emailing Nicole DiPaolo at [email protected]

The Case for Urgent Climate Action in Rhode Island

Yesterday at the State House, Sen. Calkin and Rep. Regunberg introduced the Energize Rhode Island: Economic and Climate Resilience Act of 2018. CARI Vice-President Justin Boyan, alongside his daughters, was one of the speakers at the press conference launching the bill. Video and text of his remarks are below.

Reflection on my participation at the UN Climate Conference

“Although I felt betrayed by my country during my time at the UN Conference on Climate Change, I felt an immense amount of solidarity with other Americans who felt morally responsible to stand for the truth.” College student, climate activist and CARI member Lauren Maunus describes her experience attending COP23 last month.

CARI/350 protests oil lobby’s easy access to policymakers

Yesterday, Invenergy and the RI oil lobby sponsored a private influence-peddling breakfast event. Their guests included OER head Carol Grant and ISO-New England CEO Gordon van Welie. Outside in the cold, we protested in the name of science.