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Reflection on my participation at the UN Climate Conference

“Although I felt betrayed by my country during my time at the UN Conference on Climate Change, I felt an immense amount of solidarity with other Americans who felt morally responsible to stand for the truth.” College student, climate activist and CARI member Lauren Maunus describes her experience attending COP23 last month.

CARI/350 protests oil lobby’s easy access to policymakers

Yesterday, Invenergy and the RI oil lobby sponsored a private influence-peddling breakfast event. Their guests included OER head Carol Grant and ISO-New England CEO Gordon van Welie. Outside in the cold, we protested in the name of science.

Protesting the EPA’s gag on climate science

With only a few hours’ notice, an event organized by CARI and the RI Student Climate Coalition drew over 40 Rhode Islanders to protest the EPA’s decision to ban its scientists from speaking at a science workshop in Providence.