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CARI November Meeting: Thea Riofrancos on the Green New Deal

Dr. Thea Riofrancos, professor and co-author of
A Planet to Win – Why We Need a Green New Deal

How do the climate provisions of President Biden’s Build Back Better plan relate to the vision of the “Green New Deal”?…

The TCI Opportunity for Rhode Island

On April 7, Hank Webster spoke to CARI about “The TCI Opportunity for Rhode Island.”

If you missed it, you can review his slide deck and watch the video of his presentation, below:

CARI’s Endorsed RI Legislation, 2021

With a change of leadership in the House of Representatives and a new wave of progressive lawmakers in the Senate, the opportunity to pass serious climate laws in Rhode Island is better this year than in a very long time. …

An Open Letter to JPMorganChase CEO Jamie Dimon: Stop Line 3

To:  James Dimon
CEO, JPMorgan Chase

From: Climate Action Rhode Island
March 15, 2021

Dear Mr. Dimon:

Members of Climate Action Rhode Island (CARI) call upon Chase Bank to cancel its financing of Enbridge, the company building the Line 3

Act On Climate 2021: House Hearing Friday Feb. 26

Three weeks ago, CARI activists came through with over 450 letters of support for S. 78, “Act On Climate 2021.” The Senate hearing was a rousing success!

Now it’s time to shock and awe the House of Representatives before the …