The Portsmouth Town Council held a key vote on the evening of January 16 to pass a Host Community Agreement (HCA) that would allow the town to receive compensation for an underground cable that would pass through the town, connecting power generated by offshore wind turbines to the utility grid.

Half a dozen individuals hold lighted panels that spell out "Yes to Wind" in the lobby of a school.

CARI members say “YES TO WIND.”

Because anti-wind advocates planned to attend, distributing anti-wind misinformation, CARI members leapt into action to oppose anti-wind organizers and show their support of the HCA and wind energy in Rhode Island. Dozens of CARI members arrived early to the meeting, holding pro-wind signs and distributing accurate information about wind energy and its benefits. Half a dozen CARI members testified to the benefits of passing the HCA and bringing renewable wind energy to New England.

A woman speaks at a microphone behind a podium in a high school auditorium.

A CARI member and resident of Portsmouth testifies in favor of the HCA.

Though many testified against wind energy, citing common myths and misinformation, CARI’s efforts were a success! The council passed the HCA by a vote of 5-1.

CARI’s pro-wind power campaign continues with a petition drive against two groups of wealthy coastal residents who are suing to block the wind farms. Learn more and sign the petition today.