The 2024 legislative session is in full swing, and CARI has endorsed a slew of environmental bills, with a focus on the Building Decarbonization Act (H7617) and the Clean Heat Standard (H7782). Both bills move us closer to our goal of slashing fossil fuel emissions in Rhode Island. Buildings account for 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in our state. That’s why the Building Decarbonization Act would require all new buildings to run on electric power. For existing buildings, the bill establishes a requirement for large buildings to report their energy use and emissions as well as creating a building performance standard and designating a committee to implement this standard. The Clean Heat Standard requires heating suppliers to gradually phase out their use of fossil fuels and gradually increase the clean heat services they provide. Both these bills are essential to ensuring that Rhode Island continues to progress toward meeting its Act on Climate goals of getting our emissions 45 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and net-zero by 2050. The Green Energy Consumers Alliance has provided fact sheets for both the Building Decarbonization Act and the Clean Heat Standard for those who would like to learn more.

CARI has also endorsed the following bills:

  • S2168 / H7593: Zero energy capable schools
  • H7285: Thermal networks
  • H7676: RIPTA funding
  • H7774: RIPTA funding
  • H7590: Transit Master Plan funding
  • S2169 / H7678: Ride share surcharge
  • H7353: EV charging incentives
  • H7496: Climate Education
  • S2043 / H7246: Adding climate change resiliency to economic development policy
  • S2277 / H7495: Battery-powered leaf blowers
  • H7023: Producer responsibility for packaging
  • S2303 / H7357: Prohibits high-heat waste facilities
  • S2332 / H7685: Funding for EC4
  • S2292: Green Justice Zones
  • S2293 / H7616: Renewable Ready Program
  • S2299 / H7293: Forest protection
  • S2366 / H7286: Percentage Income Payment Plan (PIPP)
  • S2956: Utility Reform Bill

You can stay up to date on the status of these bills using our 2024 CARI Legislation Tracker. Stay tuned for ways that you can take action to support these important climate action bills!