October 5, 2023

Polytechnic University of the Philippines and 350 Pilipinas’ Ride to the Future: Empowering Mobility, Embracing Sustainability

STA MESA, MANILA, October 5,  2023 – The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) joined the inclusive celebration of sustainable mobility activity to promote active transportation, inclusive mobility and cleaner air at the PUP community. “Ride to the Future” is led by 350 Pilipinas in partnership with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines community, PUP-Center for Environmental Studies, and PUP-Research, Extension, Planning, and Development.

The mobility event is supported by climate, mobility, and student-led organizations namely: Panatang Luntian Coalition, Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP), PUP-SANDIWA, Agham Youth-PUP, PARA-Advocates for Inclusive Transport, Explore Your City on a Bicycle, and Manila Bike Commuter.

Bike to the future aimed to empower communities to embrace cycling as a cleaner and more eco-friendly means of transportation while advancing decarbonization and inclusive mobility. 

Unity bike ride navigated the streets of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines compound, which is led by PUP community’s University President, Dr. Manuel M. Muhi, ASEAN Engr., 350 Pilipinas, partner organizations and volunteers [Photo: Leo Sabangan II]

Bike to the Future event kicked off in an inclusive unity bike ride with volunteers, students, faculty and personnel navigating the surrounding PUP community. The bike ride was supported and led by the PUP’s University President, Dr. Manuel M. Muhi, ASEAN Engr to showcase environmental benefits of cycling, promote the reduction of carbon emissions and create a community of practice that will foster a sense of unity and participation within the university and its community.

Ara Alejo, the Advocacy Officer for 350 Pilipinas’ campus organizing work underscored the significance of collectively implemented climate solutions:

“Championing transformation in partnership with communities and institutions, we spark a collective dedication to solutions that protect individuals, communities, and our invaluable environment. This is the future we envision – liberating people from the shackles of fossil fuels, which not only pollute our air and contribute to climate change but also burden public transport commuters with price fluctuations and high fares due to the country’s susceptibility to international oil price fluctuations.” Join us to Power Up this wave of change!” -Ara Alejo, Advocacy Officer for 350 Pilipinas

The activities included Learning-to-Ride Sessions with partner volunteer bikers, which conducted structured and supportive learn-to-ride sessions. Volunteers have additionally established bicycle repair workshops focusing on fundamental repair and maintenance procedures. These initiatives aim to empower cyclists to handle unexpected situations such as flat tires effectively.


Awareness campaigns and discussions were held to develop participants’ knowledge on carbon emission reduction and encourage participation in the fight against  air pollution, climate crisis and environmental plunder. We have also invited Kape Lakbay, which utilizes bicycling to showcase their coffee products in their small businesses. This encourages attendees to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily activities. The event ended with raffles and games that features camaraderie among participants and volunteers

Chief of PUP-Center for Environmental Studies, accentuates the paramount importance of partnerships into transitioning to a cleaner, fossil free world.

“The collaboration among students, youth organizations, civil society, and academia conveys a powerful message: that a united front is essential for transitioning to renewable energy and sustainable practices, and it serves as an inspiration for others to engage in constructing a greener and more sustainable future. This partnership, rooted in community-based solutions that are both pragmatic and foster a sense of ownership within our community, is indispensable in climate advocacy. It addresses local and grassroots needs while simultaneously reducing our campus’s carbon footprint and equipping the community with valuable life skills for long-term benefits.” -Jimmy Fernando, Chief of PUP- Center for Environmental Studies 


This ignites a collective passion for biking and cleaner mobility solutions while advocating for a greener future. By fostering education, promoting active transportation, and embracing inclusivity, the bike festival will empower communities such as Polytechnic University of the Philippines,  to make sustainable choices and contribute to the ongoing decarbonization efforts. 

Let’s ride together towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future for all. #PowerUpforClimateSolutions

350 Pilipinas, partner organizations and PUP community took a photo in solidarity to support campaigns for a sustainable and greener university #FossilFreePUP. Co-organized by 350Pilipinas and PUP’s Center For Environmental Studies, it marks the beginning of PUP’s journey to integrate policies and infrastructure for active transport and inclusive mobility on campus. [Photo: Leo M. Sabangan II]

ABOUT: 350 Pilipinas is an advocacy organization that works for climate action based on the realities of science and grounded on the principles of justice by holding creative actions calling on governments and institutions to address the climate crisis.