April 1, 2020

On the violent dispersal and arrest of Sitio San Roque residents

Quezon City, 1 April 2020: Twenty-one protesters demanding food and other assistance were arrested in Quezon City for staging a protest really without government permit, according the police.

Chuck Baclagon of 350.org Pilipinas issued the following statement:

“Last April 1, amidst the enhanced community quarantine that was implemented by the Duterte regime.

Residents of Sitio San Roque in Quezon City, at risk of infection –took the streets in desperation, to demand urgent local government action in distributing their food rations.

This act was met with violence as armed police personnel rushed to disperse the residents ending up with 21 people arrested for merely demanding what is morally and lawfully due to them in this current crisis.

It is unfortunate that the Philippine government has chosen to pursue a military response to a public health emergency.

We call on government officials to not use the crisis as an excuse to trample on human rights, civil liberties, and human dignity.”