April 23, 2023

Climate advocates and PUP Community celebrate Earth Day with a call for #FossiFreePUP

MANILA, April 23, 2023 –Climate advocates from 350 Pilipinas, the Center for Environmental Studies and National Service Training Program students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) mobilized over a hundred students, faculty and climate activists celebrate Earth Day by holding a climate justice teach-in, poetry reading, artivism workshop and climate strike inside the university campus.

Photo: Leo Sabangan II

First introduced in 1970, Earth Day began in the US during a time when people became more aware of environmental issues. This led to important laws being passed, like the Clean Air Act.

“Earth Day should be an integral part of university life, for reasons that are both practical and visionary,” said Jim Fernando, of the university’s Center for Environmental Studies. “It is a chance for universities to raise awareness about environmental issues by organizing events and activities,” he adds.

This year’s Earth Day celebration at PUP comes amid the partnership between 350 Pilipinas and the university to pursue campus based programs in areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and inclusive mobility campus and in the wider community.

“Earth Day should be an integral part of university life, for reasons that are both practical and visionary.” – Jim Fernando, PUP Center for Environmental Studies

“This activity can inspire people to start their journey in making positive changes towards sustainability inside their campus. Universities are well-positioned to lead this effort, and Earth Day can be a catalyst for meaningful change” said Ara Alejo, Advocacy Officer for 350 Pilipinas who is currently leading the organization’s campus organizing work.

Organizers of the activity believe that university campuses play a key role in determining the trajectory of the immediate and long-term development direction of the country as these campuses function as microcosms of the current urban environments where decarbonization and building back better post-COVID 19 pandemic needs to take place.


350 Pilipinas is an advocacy organization working for climate action that is based on the realities of science, and grounded on the principles of justice.

The PUP – Center for Environmental Studies is the lead unit that undertakes research and studies related to ecological use and protection, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. One of its mandates is to raise people’s awareness and consciousness on global warming, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the use and protection of our ecological environment for sustainable development

The NSTP is a program of the university that is aimed at enhancing civic consciousness in the youth by developing the ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing training in any of its program components.

CONTACT: Nadia Cruz, Media Officer 350 Pilipinas, [email protected], +639770130207