Jenny Tuazon

TODAY is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China’s (ICBC) annual general meeting
. Right now, shareholders are deciding its plans for the coming year, which will impact our future and the future of the planet.

And because ICBC won’t ask any of us about what energy projects it should finance or whose lives are harmed by the fossil fuel projects it funds, we must take this opportunity to tell them – turn off the money tap to fossil fuels.

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The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) in Africa risks harming local communities, endangering wildlife, and tipping the world closer to climate breakdown. ICBC, being one of the major finance advisers to EACOP, still has a chance to turn its back on this dangerous project.

ICBC is the world’s biggest financier of fossil fuel projects – but they still have time to clean up their act and be on the right side of history. They claim to be a leader in sustainability, but their actions tell otherwise.

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been raising their voices for banks like ICBC to stop fueling the fire of climate change. EACOP, and all the other fossil fuel projects, are the last thing we need at a time like this.

This week, actions worldwide are happening to demand that ICBC drops the EACOP and scrap all its fossil fuel finance everywhere.

Most of us can’t be at their AGM today or visit an ICBC headquarters or branch to demand that ICBC shift its finance to more renewable energy and stop funding fossil fuels, but we made it possible for everyone to deliver the message. We’re flooding ICBC’s inboxes right now, and we encourage everyone to join us. It only takes a minute or two to send a letter; just click the button below to get started.

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ICBC must realise that its decisions and actions today will have lasting effects on people and the planet for centuries to come. We have the power to move ICBC now, so let’s take this chance.