• No to Coal! Yes to Renewable Energy!
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No to Coal! Yes to Renewable Energy!

Climate change had brought about serious challenges and struggles affecting our environment, health, homes, security, lives, dreams and future. What science had told us is that in order for humanity to survive, we need to reduce our carbon emissions to at least 350 parts per million from the current 394 parts per million. And the only choice we have today is to move beyond fossil fuel like dirty coal.

Coal-fired power plant projects (CFPP) are one of the biggest sources of human-made carbon emissions on the planet. Despite our Government’s enactment of laws to promote Renewable Energy, the Department of Energy (DOE) has approved 12 more CFPPs to be constructed in the country, bringing the national total to 21 CFPPs.

On January 18, 2013, the Philippines will push past coal. This is a collaborative effort to empower communities to take action on the grassroots level for lasting environmental protection.

“No to Coal! Yes to Renewable Energy!” is a people’s movement-centered national campaign aimed at highlighting the threats of coal and the promise or renewable energy.