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Connect the Dots

Climate Impacts Day in Central Philippines

Dumaguete ran, cleaned and planted for Climate Impact Day which gathered runners, scuba divers, environmentalists and concerned individuals on Silliman Beach at dawn last Saturday. This day is dedicated to the earth and to advocating with people in countries around the world that a healthy tomorrow depends on our action today.

The action was diverse and multifaceted with one unifying purpose which was to educate, advocate, and mobilize people to act on reversing the warming of the earth. Science has tracked the earth’s temperature through the last five decades and has determined that the temperature of the earth continues to increase. The increase in the earth’s temperature has disturbed weather patterns by intensifying storms, draught, and causing unpredictable seasons.

Climate Impact Day was a day to act in ways that make a difference. The morning began with a Run for 350 Mangrove Trees. The runners, led by the Metro Dumaguete Runners Club made their way from Silliman Beach to Silliman Avenue and back before planting and adopting 350 Mangrove propagules in a nursery prepared by BPI Bayan Dumaguete Cluster. Mangrove trees are better at storing carbon dioxide than most other forests while also providing a range of vital ecosystem and community services including combating the effects of rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding. These mangrove trees will soon offer refuge to fishes and help strain the creek and ocean of plastics.

Under the ocean, a team of concerned divers led by Harold Biglete with friends and members of the Philippine National Police pulled up plastics from the coral and ocean floor. Plastics overtime release toxins into the ocean that destroy marine life. The divers, calling themselves SCUBAsureros, pulled up several sacks of plastics as one more step in saving the planet.

The day culminated at the Robinsons Mall where images of our Province suffering from the impact of extreme and destructive weather patterns became an avenue for teaching and reminding us all of the real and present danger of global warming affecting Negro Oriental. As the images were viewed, the dots were being connected by the viewing public in such a way that every destructive act imposed on the environment will come around and impose itself destructively upon earth and humanity.

The day of activity involved a big number of people, led by Negros Oriental and joined by DARS, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Barangay Council of Bantayan, Dumaguete City Council, GP Rehab, UCCP, Foundation University, Silliman University Environmental Committee, St. Paul University Science Club, FENOr, the Provincial Philippine National Police, Century Security Agency, YATTA and the Sangguniang Kabataan of Barangay Bantayan.

Moving Planet

PAGKILOS PARA SA PLANETA (KP) is roughly the Filipino Translation of Moving (Kumikilos) Planet (Planeta). KP is a media intensive and people’s movement-centered country wide campaign for the Philippines where significantly on the exact day of September 24, actions for concrete climate solutions are culminating.

KP is a series of many decentralized national actions calling for immediate innovative climate solutions and demand for governments to move away from fossil fuels. Off-shore mining, construction of coal-fired power plants, and more roads for fossil-fuel transportation hastens and strengthens climate change. For a developing nation, the country and its people are being continually put in the margins of disasters without the capacity to effectively respond to global warming.

Our vision is one of a resilient economy that provides a better quality of life for all within the ecological limits of the planet. Not all investments are good investments! We all need to review our alternatives; rethink basic options; and reimagine livable cities. We need to shift away from dependence on individual cars and build a green economy. Let us go forward together.

The idea for Moving Planet came from, a global campaign and network that works with grassroots organizers in 188 countries to mobilize against climate change and for a just future. Moving Planet is a collaborative effort of many organizations, movements, and individuals.

350 is not just a number, it is a scientific target of the safe upper limit of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere from the current 390.02ppm. 350 is also a global movement with the following demands: 1) science-based policies to get us back to 350ppm 2) a rapid, just transition to zero carbon emissions 3) mobilizing funding for a fair transition to a 350ppm world 4) lifting the rights of people over the rights of polluters.


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October 24, 2009