Nadia Cruz

Our collective efforts were concentrated on amplifying the calls for investing in cleaner and sustainable options, promoting material benefits, fostering peace and progress, and ensuring a secure future by advocating for decarbonization. In 2023, we took a determined step towards shifting our focus to decarbonization, with our advocacy highlighting the need for active transport, inclusive mobility, and the potential of renewable energy sources. The collaborative efforts have led us to build partnerships with the youth, local communities, academic institutions and more civil society organizations across the country.

Our efforts were directed towards making a tangible impact, especially in areas such as reducing electricity consumption, promoting energy savings, and significantly cutting down on carbon emissions. These measurable outcomes were and continue to be, the representation of our commitment to making the Philippines a decarbonized and more sustainable place that empowers the communities, and ensuring no one is left behind.

Here’s the highlights of our work in 2023

This year, we strive to advocate for a just transition in energy and transport systems, contributing to decarbonization efforts in the Philippines, aiming for a sustainable, low-carbon future while broadening outreach efforts to engage new constituencies and stakeholders beyond traditional climate movements.

We are filled with optimism and excitement for the numerous possibilities that lie ahead. Will you stand with us in this cause? You can join us and learn more about our work at 350 Pilipinas.