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Why we need more women for our climate

As a woman filmmaker and photographer, my involvement with climate movement is to tell stories about the effects of climate change in the Philippines. I am new to the climate movement but not powerless. I may be a novice from technical and complex discussions about climate change, but that never stopped me from using my talent for climate justice.  

The Philippines’ coal tax hike: Ending the 40-year reign of King Coal

The coal tax seeks to put an end to 40 years of subsidised pollution for the coal industry. It showed the ugly face of an industry that has earned so much but has, in return, only added insult to injury to a country that has, for the past decades, been at the receiving end of climate change-induced weather extremes.

Let’s not betray Luna

Why are we allowing the outsiders to destroy and poison this wonderful place? Look at us, we are all divided while we all have the same goal—progress. Who doesn’t want progress? Science proves that coal is dangerous to our nature and to us, humans.