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Bill McKibben to Rhode Islanders: “Stand up!” founder Bill McKibben was kind enough to record this 1-minute video urging Rhode Islanders to get involved in the movement for climate justice!


To get involved:

  1. Come to a meeting! We meet every other Wednesday at 7pm in

Protesting the EPA’s gag on climate science

Yesterday afternoon, the New York Times broke the story that the EPA was forbidding its scientists to speak at the Narragansett Bay Watershed workshop in Providence. One of the forbidden scientists was supposed to have been the keynote speaker. The …

100+ rally for climate action at National Governors Association meeting

CARI took the opportunity of the 2017 National Governors Association meeting in Providence to organize a rally demanding action on climate change from the nation’s governors. Well over 100 of us rallied, overflowing the meeting’s “protest pen” outside the convention …