Endorsed Candidate: Jeanine Calkin
Candidate for: State Senate, District 30 (Warwick)
Endorsing committee: CARI Politics Team – West Bay region


CARI is delighted to again endorse Jeanine Calkin for election to her formerly held Senate seat in District 30 (Warwick). Not only is Calkin a true climate champion, but she is a proven fighter for progressive values and grassroots leadership on the issues of concern to her district, including pandemic safety, health care, jobs, and political transparency.

Calkin’s environmental work includes lead sponsorship of the Energize Rhode Island bill in 2018. Introducing the bill, she said: “We need to advance an economy-wide price on carbon pollution in Rhode Island now. By returning rebates to residents and businesses, and creating the Energize RI Fund, we will be investing in the clean energy economy and moving our state away from dirty sources of energy. Having the support of eight other states in the region sends a clear signal that we now have regional strength in the shared goal of bold action on climate. We don’t have a moment to lose.” CARI could not agree more.

Now, in 2020, she continues her climate advocacy through her participation in Renew New England, advocating a jobs guarantee to advance the critical work of building renewable energy infrastructure, advancing energy efficiency, and cleaning up pollution in our region. Rhode Island’s future depends critically on enacting a plan as bold as this. We urge all Warwick residents of District 30 to return Jeanine to the Senate this September 8.