CARI’s Political Team is celebrating the primary victories of fully 13 of our 18 endorsed candidates — including CARI’s own former President Kendra Anderson! It’s a Green Wave!

Congratulations to these victorious climate champions:

Rhode Island House of Representatives:

Rhode Island State Senate:

To our endorsed climate champions who didn’t quite make it — Miguel Torres, Melinda Lopez, Lenny Cioe, Mel DuPont, and Maggie Kain: thank you and congratulations to you, too. You played politics as a team sport; you forced the good-old-boy machine onto defense, enabling the team’s overall success.

Thank you to all the CARI members who interviewed candidates, donated, made calls, knocked doors, and were part of this seismic result. Thanks also to the RI Political Co-op, RI Working Families Party, the Sunrise Movement, Reclaim RI, and the Providence DSA, who together created a new force in Rhode Island politics.

Onto the general election! Our politics teams will be analyzing the races our primary endorsees face in November, as well as adding new endorsements to our list. SIGN UP HERE if you want to be a part of getting these climate champions over the finish line and into the State House. Depending on interest, we may also get involved in national level campaigning for U.S. Senate candidates and the Biden/Harris ticket.