CARI is pleased to endorse Megan Cotter in her race for State Representative in District 39. Megan is committed to making climate change legislation one of her top priorities when serving in the RI House. In her district, she has been very active in advocating against deforestation, arguing that solar development, while needed, should not involve clear-cutting existing forests, and educating her neighbors about the issue. She spearheaded an effort to petition the State Legislature to “Save Our Forestry.” Megan is aware that leadership in the RI legislature has stalled action on the climate crisis and is hopeful that, with the election of CARI/Sunrise/Sierra Club endorsed candidates, that will change.

Cotter’s opponent, incumbent GOP Representative Justin Price, is a climate science denialist, Trump supporter, and even a promoter of the QAnon conspiracy theory. Southwestern Rhode Island, upgrade your representation to Megan Cotter on November 3!