Paul Roselli has earned CARI’s endorsement for RI Senate District 23 through his actions as a long-time environmental activist. With over a decade as president of the Burrillville Land Trust, Paul has fought to preserve the open space and wilderness the residents of his rural town value so much. In 2015, when state agencies decided swaths of wooded acres of Burrillville would be the best location for the Invenergy natural gas-burning power plant, Paul was one of the leading voices of the opposition forces that garnered the public support to kill that project. Along with his involvement with CARI and many other organizations, he is president of the RI Association of Conservation Commissions and secretaries another climate group, the Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island.

Paul turned to politics with recent runs for governor and state senate to bring an independent voice to the statehouse and to help enact policy statewide. In November he is challenging an incumbent who often sides with the fossil fuel industry. Paul supports the Transportation Climate Initiative that reduces fossil fuel use and improves transportation, incentivizing the wind and solar industries to avoid clearcutting virgin land, eliminating sacrifice zones and fighting environmental racism that discriminates against underrepresented and low income communities. When it comes to climate issues, he says we can no longer be timid, while our current leadership has been inactive.