Fread De Mesa

To say that 2021 was a rollercoaster ride is an understatement, as we came face-to-face with the deep and frightening confluence of the COVID-19 pandemic, state repression, and the climate crisis.

But it is also in the face of these challenges that we rose TOGETHER – in epic acts of courage and citizenship.

TOGETHER, we helped power power homes and communities that were impacted by climate change-induced extreme weather.

Turn over of solar TekPaks and NIWA solar power systems to indigenous peoples communities that were heavily affected by Typhoon Ulysses. Photo: Kathleen Lei Limayo


TOGETHER, upped the ante on the push for a Just Recovery, by holding and co-organizing virtual conferences and educational discussions around the intersectional issues that surround the climate crisis and the pandemic.

TOGETHER, we took financial institutions to task by challenging them to move the money towards just and sustainable climate solutions.

A big canceled cheque to protest Standard Chartered Bank’s continued funding of coal power projects in the Philippines. Photo: Leo Sabangan II

Fossil-fueled dinos all on the Asian Development Bank to evolve beyond fossil fuels by totally excluding not just coal but also oil & gas in their investment policies. Photo: AC Dimatatac

Challenging the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to make a clean break from coal through a light painting in Quezon City, Philippines. Photo: Leo Sabangan II

Dragon dance at the Chinese Embassy in Manila, to drum up Asian-led climate action ahead of Glasgow UN Climate Conference. Photo: AC Dimatatac


TOGETHER, we walked and rode our bicycles for sustainable transportation along with safer and inclusive streets.

TOGETHER, we rose up for our human rights and civil liberties through actions that championed science and creativity.

Climate activists join the counter-protest for Rodrigo Duterete’s final State of the Nation Address in Quezon City, 26 July 2021. Photo: AC Dimatatac

Holograms for the Klimalaya rally that called on world leaders at the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow to take bold and ambitious climate action. Photo: AC Dimatatac

Climate activists rise against tyranny. Artwork by Reboot Philippines inspired by Tarantadong Kalbo. Photo: Jams Gacita


We may not be out of the woods just yet, but your presence and solidarity is the light that leads the path towards a better future.

TOGETHER, let us face the new year without fear.