By Chuck Baclagon

We need to stand up and demand that governments and energy producers respect the planet and the fundamental rights of the people.

Add your voice to the growing movement that calls to reject Meralco Powergen Corporation’s proposed coal-fired power plant project in Atimonan, Quezon.

Over the years, numerous local and international studies have established the negative impacts of coal power generation. Using coal for power generation harms both communities and ecosystems. These studies have also linked coal consumption with global warming.

Global investors have caught on to the fact that coal can no longer be the least-cost option for power demand.

We must not let the Philippines be consigned to further dirty energy development that puts the lives of communities, ecosystems, the economy and our climate at risk by leaders who lack the compassion to do what is right.

Keep Atimonan Coal-Free!

Coal is an obsolete energy source that is already being phased out by renewable energy technologies –help us move the Atimonan Municipal Government to go for clean energy.


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