TEAM 350 Pilipinas
REPORTING LINE: 350 Pilipinas Secretariat
LOCATION: Metro Manila, Philippines
STATUS Part-time (12 months)

350 Pilipinas is a climate advocacy organization that works for climate action based on the realities of science and is grounded on the principles of justice.

The Advocacy Officer will lead the campus-based organizing work of the organization within the Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ system that aims to mobilize its community towards climate action that translates to reduction of the campus’ carbon footprint.

Engagement will be from January 09, 2023, until January 09, 2024, with a possibility of extension.

The Advocacy Officer will be tasked with the following:

  1. Campaign strategy development and implementation:
    – Establishing the initial theory of change for the campaign
    – Identifying key constituencies to target and engage for the campaign inside the university.
    – Lead the implementation of the campaign for the duration of the term
  2. Organizing and networking
    – Establish networks and working relationships with both the university administration, student body and extended community of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
    – Set up a student-led collective to function as a chapter of 350 Pilipinas inside the university.
    – Liaise with experts within the network of 350 Pilipinas in setting up learning sessions and skills development for the student collective inside the university.
  3. Carry out other administrative tasks for the organization as needed