Think Global, Act Local

With 350BCN, we want to tell you a story, but for this to have a happy end, we will
need your participation. We are working on a documentary focusing on the work of
different groups committed to the environmental cause.

The lost balance

350 BCN has one priority: our planet. Its members have one objective; make our
daily lives sustainable. We want to increase awareness on this harsh reality: we are
altering the natural order of the place where life appeared.

Sooner than later, this natural order will try to find a new balance, as it has done for
billions of years. If we do not find a new balance ourselves, our planet could find
itself bare, stripped from the benefits and conveniences that we can enjoy today – if
not even further stripped from what makes human life possible.


A growing movement

The good thing is, we are not on our own to face this critical situation. There is an
infinity of groups who, just like us, give priority to the earth, its protection. Groups
dedicated to finding this balance that we have been breaking ultimately – sometimes
without knowing.

With our documentary “Corazones Verdes” (Green Hearts), we want to show you that we are simple citizens. Like you, we have our share of responsibilities, our jobs, our families. And yet – or because of it -, each of us chose one day to make space in our lives for environmental activism. We want to show you what we do as members of 350BCN, but also what others do; local groups and co-ops who have been demonstrating for years that it is possible to live in an eco-“logical” way.

However, it is not enough that your life and ours should be committed to this ideal.

Those currently in power are the ones who must change the most. And these are
also the ones who fear the power of a population that is actively demanding a
change. The documentary “Corazones Verdes” reflects how fundamental social
movements are to provoke the changes we need. “To change everything, we need
everyone!” To make this movement successful, to make our planet safe for our
descendants and for us, we need you to join us to confront and to demand solutions
from political and economical leaders of the world.

Poster Corazones Verdes Frente al cambio climático

Poster Corazones Verdes Frente al cambio climático

The crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding campaign was launched on Monday the 11th of May. To be able to
make this documentary, we need to reach a minimum of 7.500 €. Our final goal is
10.000 € – a total that would allow us to get an original soundtrack, and have a
Master copy for cinema screenings. On our crowdfunding page, you will be able to
see the detail of our expenses as well as the objectives we have fixed for our

Your support will allow us to tell you our little big story with many of its protagonists.
Each euro counts. Each drop will help us to make the changes that life is asking from

Join us in this revolution of Green Hearts!

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