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Greenwashing Is Real—Here’s How to Avoid It

Inside Eastman’s moonshot goal for endlessly circular plastics

By Joel Makower, GreenBiz, May 11, 2020.

At first glance, the sprawling industrial site, covering roughly 900 acres in Kingsport, Tennessee, appears to be just another chemical manufacturing facility. There are hundreds of buildings and countless miles of pipes, conveyors, …

The Next Page: From steel to plastic — a future most foul

By Charles McCollester, Pittsburgh Post Gazette op-ed, April 26,2020.


A decade ago, my Pittsburgh Post-Gazette op-ed, “Under Siege by Marcellus Marauders,” raised the alarm that “a thousand Marcellus Shale sites are in the works, with tens of thousands more …

Walkabout: Our Earth, ourselves

Earth Day is being recognized on Wednesday, but what does it say that we designate one day to recognize the place that gives us life, oxygen, gravity, the wonder of sunsets and