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Big Oil’s climate deception is “one of the biggest corporate crimes in history”; Big Oil has known and lied about the dangers of fossil fuels for decades. An excellent new video from More Perfect Union explains how the companies’ efforts to deceive the public about climate change constitute “one of the biggest corporate crimes in history.” Watch and share this episode, featuring Center for Climate Integrity President Richard Wiles, Harvard Professor Naomi Oreskes, and California Attorney General Rob Bonta.

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Who’s Got Clout in PA ?

City and State Pennsylvania compiled a list of the top 100 “most influential individuals helping their companies, organizations and associations communicate their legislative priorities to elected officials at all levels.” (Hilary Danailova, The 2023 Pennsylvania Government Relations Power 100, Jan. …

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April, 2022


Dear 350 Pittsburgh Supporters,

We are zooming through spring and it is time to share with you, our important supporters, what’s been going on at 350 Pittsburgh …

This is how we defeat Putin and other petrostate autocrats

By Bill McKibben, The Guardian, Feb. 25, 2022.

After Hitler invaded the Sudetenland, America turned its industrial prowess to building tanks, bombers and destroyers. Now, we must respond with renewables

The pictures this morning of Russian tanks rolling across the …