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A Federal Court Threw Out A High Profile Climate Lawsuit. Here’s What It Might Mean For The Future of Climate Litigation

By Madeleine Carlisle, Time, Jan. 18, 2020. On Friday, the Ninth Circuit court of appeals threw out the high profile lawsuit Juliana v. United States, in which 21 young Americans sued the United States government for violating their Constitutional rights by taking actions that exacerbated climate change. The court acknowledged that while the threat of (More...)

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Controversy over Koch Foundation Funded Center at U Pitt

Koch Foundation gift sparks heated Faculty Assembly meeting. By SUSAN JONES, University Tiimes, Dec. 5, 2019. “The questions and concerns surrounding a $4.2 million gift from the Koch Foundation to start a new center at Pitt’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs haven’t gone away since the University officially approved the funding in October. (More...)

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We Need a Massive Climate War Effort—Now

Kevin DrumJanuary/February 2020 Issue, Mother Jones. We Need a Massive Climate War Effort—Now Only major spending on clean energy R&D can save us. We devoted 30 percent of our economy to fight WWII—1,000 times what we spend on green tech. I’ll take a wild guess that you don’t need any convincing about the need for (More...)

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The New Climate Math: The Numbers Keep Getting More Frightening

By Bill McKibben, November 25, 2019, Yale Environment 360. Scientists keep raising ever-louder alarms about the urgency of tackling climate change, but the world’s governments aren’t listening. Yet the latest numbers don’t lie: Nations now plan to keep producing more coal, oil, and gas than the planet can endure. The numbers, and the attitudes of leaders (More...)

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Landmark decision by Dutch Supreme Court

Urgenda Web post, Dec. 20, 2019. On 20 December 2019,  the Dutch Supreme Court, the highest court in the Netherlands, upheld the previous decisions in the Urgenda Climate Case, finding that the Dutch government has obligations to urgently and significantly reduce emissions in line with its human rights obligations. A truly historic outcome! The Urgenda Climate (More...)


The New Green Scare

by Elizabeth King, The Progressive, October 6, 2019. Lawmakers are ramping up penalties for protesters who take the kind of drastic action needed to save the planet. It was May of this year, and Alex (a pseudonym) was physically attached to cement-filled tires inside a section of the Mountain Valley Pipeline in West Virginia. The (More...)

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A natural gas blowout in Ohio released more methane than many countries do in an entire year

By Drew Kann and Steve Almasy, CNN.  December 18, 2019.   In February 2018, a blowout at a natural gas well in rural Ohio forced nearby residents to evacuate, but the incident received little national attention at the time. A new analysis of satellite data shows that the leak was far more significant than previously (More...)

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Accelerating America’s Pledge: How U.S. States, Cities and Businesses Can Deliver Ambitious Climate Action

by Tom Cyrs, Joel Jaeger and Kevin Kennedy, World Resources Institute, December 09, 2019. There’s been a dramatic groundswell of “bottom-up” climate leadership from U.S. states, cities and businesses in the face of a federal retreat on climate action. From state legislation mandating cleaner electricity sources to city policies encouraging all-electric buildings, these local efforts (More...)

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New York Loses Climate Change Fraud Case Against Exxon Mobil

By John Schwartz New York Times, Dec. 10, 2019. A New York state judge on Tuesday handed Exxon Mobil a victory in the civil case brought by the state’s attorney general that argued the company had engaged in fraud through its statements about how it accounted for the costs of climate change regulation. After some four (More...)

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