Energy Justice



350Pittsburgh Energy Justice is a new project to support renewable energy and/or energy efficiency projects. We are committed to carrying out our work as an Environmental Justice practice.  We are on the path of learning what that means, for sure it includes understanding the racial and social injustices in our energy systems, listening to and learning from the people we work with, and elevating voices that are often silenced.  We are inspired by the Garfield Valley View Church solar panel project (they just signed off on their contract !), the PA Solar Center Global Links project, and the Grow Pittsburgh project.  We also know its crucial to cut energy costs by weatherization and efficiency measures. We are currently in an exploratory phase, looking into the best way to support projects that promote Environmental Justice and combat the climate crisis.

We have joined the Build Back Fossil Free campaign as a supporting partner, stay tuned to that platform.

Some ideas we are thinking about:

If you are interested in this project we would love to hear from you, please email [email protected].