350 Pittsburgh is happy to have a speaker come to your group (community, school, church, neighborhood, workplace) and present a talk on climate change free of charge.  Below are our speakers and sample lecture topics.   Please contact 350Pittsburgh at [email protected] to coordinate a talk.


elderRod Elder has a degree in electrical engineering and is retired after spending his professional career in the nuclear reactor and scientific supercomputing fields. He has become active relative to the topic of climate change and is involved in the Citizen’s Climate Lobby, the SierraClub, and 350.org. Rod has been on a televised panel on this topic, has discussed proposed climate actions with US Representative Tim Murphy, and has had a number of letters to the editor published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. He has presented this talk at numerous local libraries (South Park, Monroeville, Peters Township, Baldwin, Pleasant Hills, Bethel Park, Moon Township, Upper St. Clair) and at the 6th Presbyterian church in Squirrel Hill.  Rod was trained as a Climate Reality Leader in the Climate Reality training with Al Gore in Houston, 2016.

Rod’s presentation will be directed at understanding the current status of the changing climate for a nontechnical audience. The talk will discuss 1) What is happening now, 2) What is the cause, and 3) What we can we do. There will be a general overview of this very topical, and widely misunderstood, subject. There will be an overview of factual information about recent changes to the earth’s climate and a summary of the science related to those changes. A number of actions will be presented that individuals can take to make a positive impact on the future of the earth’s climate.

NOTE: Rod is prepared to offer his talks on-line over Zoom !

Equipment Needed for on-site talks: The presentation uses computer generated graphics. A television set or a projector that can be connected to the computer is needed to show the visuals. An easel will also be needed for a paper display.



Dr. Randall Wiesenmayer has taught courses related to environmental science at the university level for over 25 years. These courses include Climate Change, Earth Ecosystems, Science: Native American Views, and the History and Philosophy of Science.  Randy has a number of lectures prepared, sample lectures include:

  • The Implications of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (Paris COP21)
  • The Science of Climate Change
  • Climate Change: Natural or Human Induced
  • Transitioning to Renewable Energy Sources