By Scott Elias, guest editorial, PENN Live Patriot-News, Feb. 4, 2022

Americans know that solar means business, creates jobs, helps the environment, and can help families, farms, and businesses save money — that’s why poll after poll finds that an overwhelming majority of Americans across the political spectrum support the use and development of solar energy.

Solar is already working throughout Pennsylvania. Here is what some of that business looks like.

Solar means business for the engineers, developers, and installers of a solar project at Centre County Correctional facility that’s now on track to save Centre County between $4-6 million over the next 40 years.

Solar means business to the installers and developers of a 2.6-megawatt solar project in Middelburg that is saving the Midd-West School District over $350,000 annually and offsetting 100% of its electricity needs.

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Photo of the Midd-West School District solar array located in the borough of Middleburg, Pennsylvania, from the solar installation company Solar Renewable Energy LLC.