Let’s do this!

Using our phones, we can take action to help banks change their investments and lending policies that support the fossil fuel industries effectively stopping the climate crisis we all are facing today!


 The world is on fire. Last year, Japan’s Typhoon No. 15, No. 19, hurricane Dorian that struck the Bahamas, a catastrophic flood in India, and most recently, Australia’s devastating forest fires, have ravaged the world we live in. These events and many others are thought to have been caused by and continues to expand the damage of Global Warming.

 The primary cause of global warming is the anthropogenic (human made) emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, and coal-fired power plants are the largest source of these emissions.

 G7 countries except Japan take this situation seriously, suspending the construction of new coal-fired power plants and abolishing existing power plants. If we continue to promote the creation of greenhouse gas emissions, we cannot stop global warming. Currently, the world temperature has risen by 1.0 degree compared to before the Industrial Revolution, and is the hottest the world has been since before humans existed. And as more and more natural disasters occur and the emission of greenhouse gases continue to increase, the science predicts a 1.5 degree increase by 2030.

 The construction of coal-fired power plants is heavily funded by Japanese banks. According to the latest survey, Mizuho Bank ranked the world’s largest lender, followed by Mitsubishi UFJ Bank and SMBC at two and three respectively(*). To counter these construction investments and lending policies, anti-construction movements in Japan and international criticism from overseas have risen up against the export of pollution due to health hazards and human rights issues. Accordingly, if banks stop their funding,  coal-fired power plants will not be able to be constructed, thus helping decrease the amount of greenhouse gases we humans produce.

 We must communicate to these banks and others to urge them to stop investing in domestic and international coal-fired power plants as a responsible way for them to be a sustainable global environment leader in the world.

 The world is on fire. We can help banks extinguish the fire by calling them today. Let’s do this!



(*)日本の金融機関・投資家が石炭投融資リストのトップを独占 – COP25で判明(2019/12/5)
・小泉氏、石炭火力に反対 ベトナムの日本企業計画 閣内不一致か(東京新聞、2020/1/22)