This News Flash comes as America faces protests in response to a murderous racism directed at African-American and other non-white people. The video of a police officer with his knee on a dying man’s neck betrayed the lack of conscience among many of those who hold power over people of color.

Ignoring climate change is another way that lack of conscience is expressed. As we see more floods, heat waves, and wildfires, the victims are disproportionately poorer, younger, and people of color. Our work against climate change is a way we can put our energy alongside the work of those people to achieve justice.

It’s an anxious time (see the cartoon below) and also a good time to remind you about HSU Professor Sarah Ray’s Zoom talk “Chill Out From Climate Anxiety produced by 350 Humboldt and cosponsored by the Climate Action Campaign of the Unitarian Fellowship. Register at 350 Humboldt’s Facebook page (on the banner at the top) to join us at 7 PM, Tuesday, June 2.

It’s also a good time to turn that climate anxiety loose on some activism. With an election of epic importance coming up in a few months, the Sierra Club is stepping up with opportunities to help activate climate voters across the nation. You can help, and it’s pretty painless: from home, you join other activists for an online training and with nearly 24/7 support write, call, or text climate voters in battleground states.

To help with this important work, register for a call team training here.

Or you can sign up for a text team meetings at this link.

And letter-writing team training and parties can be reached here.

If you prefer to stay behind the scenes, remember Earth Day’s Stop the Money Pipeline? Getting Wells Fargo, Chase, Liberty Mutual and other financial firms out of fossil fuels is still vitally important. Contact the companies directly or post on their Facebook pages, and divest from them if you have an account. Reply to this email if you would like further information.

Mark your calendar for our next Zoom General Meeting on Thursday, June 18. (A reminder and the link will be sent to you several days beforehand.) Until then, stay well!

Pat Carr for 350 Humboldt