Climate Pledge

I recognize that the climate crisis is urgent. If elected, I pledge to use all the tools at my disposal to bring about a just and equitable transition from fossil fuels well before 2045, making meaningful progress by 2030. Toward that goal, I pledge to promote and champion the following strategies:

  1. Transition transportation systems from fossil fuels by 2045. Reduce greenhouse gasses associated with transportation by significantly reducing driving and by electrifying remaining vehicles.  Reform plans and policies and prioritize funding to make the built environment and other aspects of transportation systems more conducive to walking, biking, rolling, and taking the bus, and less conducive to driving.  Invest in charging infrastructure, remove permitting barriers to development of charging infrastructure, and incentivize electric vehicles. More information here.
  2. Incentivize infill development and discourage greenfield conversion. Promote the development of resilient and sustainable communities by incentivizing development within existing urban cores and by coordinating land use and transportation planning with the county. Discourage the conversion of agricultural lands, forest lands and other wildlands to residential, commercial or industrial uses by reforming zoning and building codes, and protecting open space. More information here.
  3. Decarbonize new and existing buildings by 2045. Immediately amend building codes to include mandates for all-electric new construction. Hasten the retrofitting of existing buildings through incentives and financing programs. Negotiate  with PG&E to scale back natural gas distribution infrastructure. Instead of conducting costly repairs on natural gas lines, utilities should help finance their clients’ transition to all-electric within the service area. More information here.
  4. Transition from fossil fuels in electricity generation by 2025. Invest in renewable, locally-produced energy. Champion the development of public financing mechanisms to enable community-owned renewable energy projects. Support private investment in renewable energy through incentives and mandates. Investigate and develop our offshore wind resources and help support early work to facilitate necessary port improvements. More information here.
  5. Guarantee Green Jobs for all. Guarantee a living-wage job and training program for all county residents through a “Green Jobs” apprenticeship program that can help foster a just and sustainable economy. Job opportunities should exist to meet the skill and ability of each individual. More information here.