Hinckley Township Trustees — We encourage the trustees to develop a written comprehensive Sustainability Policy for the greater good of the community:

      • Renewable Energy — The policy could address the expense on energy to heat, cool and light the township buildings and illuminate outside grounds with a future look toward implementation of renewable energy options.
      • East Branch of the Rocky River — This upstream watershed follows a circuitous path through Hinckley with many smaller tributaries.  The Sustainability Policy should also allow a long-range plan to protect, restore and perpetuate a healthy watershed within the borders of our township.
      • Partnership with the Cleveland Metroparks — The Hinckley Reservation has a very large footprint within Hinckley Township, yet the land is owned and governed by the Cleveland Metroparks in Cuyahoga County.  Coordination between the Metropark planning officers and Hinckley Township’s Trustees could have a positive effect on our community.