About Us


350 Hinckley is a Grassroots Organization

Our goal is to bring renewable and sustainable practices and energy solutions in Hinckley, Ohio. It is about awareness and building a strengthen community.

We are in this together regardless of party, belief system, or vocation.

350 Hinckley is a local group independent of, but affiliated with, the larger Global Network of 350.org. We follow a similar purpose to build awareness, educate, organize, and further advance our community’s contribution to climate stability.


Why 350?

350.org takes its name from NASA climate scientist James E. Hansen’s contention that atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide above 350 parts per million is unsafe and could lead to a climate tipping point.

350.org International’s goal is to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere from over 400 parts per million to 350 parts per million.

350 is more than a number, it’s a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.


Our Focus

  • Promote investment in community-based sustainability solutions
  • Work with Hinckley Township Trustees, Highland Board of Education, Cleveland Metro Parks and our neighbors to consider renewable and sustainable energy practices for our infrastructure
  • Support other communities confronting the impacts of climate change
  • Help our elected officials be on the right side of history
  • Score local wins for the environment
  • Combat the scale of the climate crisis
  • Find climate solutions for an economy free of fossil fuels
  • Become an example for a younger generation that we identified a problem and sought solutions
  • Our work is grounded in the change we want to see, and how we can best contribute to the larger movement, while remaining flexible and responsive to changing realities
  • Educate the public and public officials about the reality of sustainable practices


Our Mission

350Hinckley is a non-partisan group of environmentally concerned Hinckley, Ohio residents with a history of involvement in conservation and sustainability. We seek to utilize proven technology to advance Hinckley Township to a healthier more sustainable community.

Our primary focus is infrastructure with a secondary focus on supporting surrounding communities with community-based solutions.

We are not political.

Our work is grounded in the change we choose to see, and how we can best contribute to the larger movement.


Who is 350 Hinckley?

Our group of ten ordinary 350 Hinckley organizers meets monthly to discuss key renewable and sustainable solutions for the Hinckley community. Most of us are involved longtime residents of Hinckley Township.

Our initial goal is to sign-up 300 like-minded residents from Hinckley and surrounding communities to follow our lead and join 350 Hinckley as members.

All are welcome to join our advisory group.

Our members may be asked to sign petitions and are invited to attend important semi-monthly Trustee meetings at the Hinckley Town Hall and/or monthly Board of Education Meetings held at the high school.

We lead by creating awareness,  encouragement and suggesting solutions.

Demonstrations, protests and civil disobedience are discouraged.

350Hinckley Does Not Accept Donations 

We do not have a bank account or budget and no official non-profit status. We are supported by volunteers like you who offer their time and interest and are willing to share their knowledge.