Emmy Award-winning climate change documentary Years of Living Dangerously  produced its sequel in 2016. During one of its episodes, it investigated how China and Hong Kong tackle the global warming crisis and filmed the Climate Challenge parade on 31 July at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. It is a campaign held by 350HK to bring up the issue to the Legislative Council candidates. The host of the episode, famous Hollywood star Sigourney Weaver also appeared in the parade and gave a short speech.

After obtaining authorization from the Nation Geographic Channel, 350HK in joint venture with the HKU Sustainability Office held a movie premiere of the aforementioned episode on 8 January this year. The event also invited Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-Sing, Legislative Council Member Edward Yiu and Former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory Lam Chiu Ying to engage in a post-screening discussion.

The activity was highly successfully, with over 300 people attending as well as representatives from environmental NGOs and scholars who concern about this important issue. During the post-screening discussion, all three guests expressed their opinions on this critical issue mankind is facing. Their discussion was also joined by the keen participation from audience. The activity finished around 7pm and was followed by a series of media interviews.

Secretary Wong’s opening speech, as well as the post-screening discussion, have been uploaded to Youtube Channel of 350HK. For those who have missed the event, you can view them here.